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Introducing our NUYU Teeth Whitening Service

Pure Spa and Salon is introducing a brand new service to our menu. We are now offering Teeth Whitening! As one of the most requested services in the beauty industry we are taking full advantage of NUYU’s technology.


The NUYU teeth whitening system is quicker, safer, and more effective than at home whitening kits. The difference is in the activator light that extends results. The treatment lasts only 30 minutes and is safe for your enamel.

For our special cost of $149, you should expect your teeth to become up to 14 shades lighter.

Results should last between 6 months to 2 years depending on your lifestyle. Using the NUYU Teeth whitening pen after your treatment will prolong your results.


We carry the NUYU Teeth whitening pen for $35 or get it for free when you schedule a teeth whitening service for $149.

For optimum results we recommend having 3 treatments. After your first treatment, any additional treatment will cost $99

Call for additional info 214) 827 4200

or visit our webisite purespaandsalon.com


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